Best Beginner Vape Tanks Of 2017

Most beginners to vaping tanks start off with mouth-to-lung (MTL) tanks. These produce a good amount of vapor, a step up from your typical electronic cigarette whether a disposable, such as an NJOY or Blu, or a two piece like V2.

These typically are accompanied by an eGo battery, which is a bit bigger than a standard sized electronic cigarette (which is about the size of an actual cigarette, and they offer a little more power, for increased vapor production, and extended battery life.

When you are shopping for eGo tanks, be aware that most of them are compatible with removable, low-resistance coils. These are often 1.8 ohms, but not necessarily. All of the following tanks are rebuildable and durably made by well-known manufacturers from Shenzhen, China.

These are not necessarily the top tanks according to the expert reviewers but as far as consumers are concerned, they base their shopping habits on cost and quality considerations combined.

Also, notice that I am not talking about clearomizers or disposable products; nothing made with polycarbonate or plastic tubes. These are top-notch products compatible with tank-cracking e liquids.

Best Beginner Tanks 2016

Vaporfi Rebel Tank

Vaporfi Rebel Tank

This is our top recommendation for a great MTL tank, especially for anyone who wants a nice capacity for e-juice, as this will hold 4ml of e-juice!

This is a decent tank for any eGo style or tube shaped device, especially the Rebel by Vaporfi.


Vivi Nova by Vision


The Vivi Nova 2.5 holds 2.5 ml of e juice and features a metal tube instead of glass. You either like it or hate it, but this is a top-seller, so I guess most people like this eGo tank. The drip tip is 510-threaded which is also a common theme on this top 5 list. The mouthpiece can be removed and replaced by another 510-threaded piece if you don’t like the shape of Vision’s original. There are lots of different styles on the market, including some glass ones to offset a heavy, though colorful, build.

Kanger Protank Series

They are on to Version 3 now, but the Kanger Protank 2 is still selling strongly. People take a little while to accept change, but usually the next version is better for some reason. Airflow has been upgraded or the coils are more efficient. Here we have the Dual Coil system which provides more surface area for your e liquid to come into contact with, thus creating more vapor from a simple eGo tank than you might be prepared for. Versions I and II are both 2.5-ml glass tanks, but the latest version provides three colors to match your eGo battery.

Aspire Nautilus

If only this were a more affordable tank, the Nautilus would probably still be number one, but people have to be economical. Still, if I was basing this list on expert opinion alone without considering the price, Aspire’s Nautilus would be your number one choice. Airflow can be adjusted to suit a MTL or DL inhalation style. Resistance is 1.8 ohms.

Kanger Aerotank

Kanger is also well known for their assortment of tanks and they justly feature in two places on this list. Choose the original, Mini, a large Aerotank, or their updated version. The mouthpiece is tall and straight until the tip, which is rounded, and removable as always for wide bore, hourglass, and other shapes to go on top instead. You should really clean this part often and regularly wash the rest of your tank so it operates properly and flavors remain pure. Airflow adjustment gives you control over the airiness of your inhalation with this rebuildable selection featuring 0.8, 1.2, and 1.8-ohm coil possibilities.

Aspire K1

This final entry on our list is not the last word in Aspire tanks, but their others are designed for sub ohm vaping or you can try their less sophisticated (cheaper) clearomizers. The Aspire K1 utilizes the BVC or Bottom Vertical Coil which is also featured in their Nautilus tank. Many vapers testify that the BVC coil creates superior vapor for an eGo tank. Replacement coils for the 1.5-ml, slender K1 provide resistance of 1.8 ohms. Aspire is always a reliable name where eGo and other tanks are concerned.

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