Best Box Mods Of 2018

Each of the vape mods below is a regulated item, many featuring temperature control. This top 10 list is the result of viewing what customers are buying and their highest ratings, not the newest or those lauded by industry experts. A few items here are new and many are capable of 200W, but several feature moderate output.

Top 10 Box Mods

1. Pioneer4You iPV2S 60W

This is an example of popular technology from a well-loved brand containing a respected chipset, the SX330 V2 by Yihi. It’s a sleek device with a water-resistant exterior and 60W maximum output. You can also upgrade to 75W by downloading new firmware. Minimum resistance is 0.2 ohms, the screen is large, and you can replace the battery. Lock your iPV2S so it doesn’t misfire and trust the chip to prevent short circuiting.

2. SMOK XPRO M50 Mini

This box mod might be small but SMOK packs power inside with a 6W to 50W range supporting 0.2 ohms in VW mode. Switch to mechanical vaping if you would rather override the chipset. A mixture of aluminum and zinc plus compact dimensions create a lightweight, mobile feel while a grip-enhancing exterior finish prevents the mod from slipping through your fingers. Charge removable batteries separately or using a USB port.

3. Eleaf iStick 50W

Eleaf’s mid-range mod is small and limited compared with some of the big performers below, but it’s large when you remember Eleaf makes a 10W iStick too. Vary voltage or wattage: 2V to 10V or 5W to 50W respectively, powered by a 4400mAh built-in cell. This is rechargeable using a USB cord and a laptop, plus you can vape while charging. Stainless steel threads resist wear and rust. The spring-loaded connector allows vapers to attach virtually any atomizer capable of 0.2 ohms resistance. Watch the OLED screen for readings of output, battery power, resistance, and voltage. This screen also displays safety warnings.

4. Innokin Coolfire IV 40W

The Coolfire IV adopts something close to a typical box mod shape, only sportier. Innokin provides 3V to 7.5V by 0.1V intervals and 6W to 40W by 0.5W at a time. With an eGo adapter, you can install all kinds of tanks from a low-resistance iClear to the sub ohm Apex. The Coolfire IV is a pass-through vape containing a 2000mAh cell. A display screen flips for left-handed vapers. You don’t have to remember your last setting either: Innokin’s mod does that for you and counts your puffs while also protecting you and the Coolfire IV from over-discharge and other dangers like over-vaping.

5. Wismec Presa TC100W

Finally, we have a TC mod on the list. Older firms are updating pre-existing formats but Wismec starts out with their ergonomic, small device which displays data over a big screen. Select a Nickel 200, Titanium, or stainless steel atomizer coil to operate the TC function between 0.05 and 1.5 ohms. Your power options are 18650 or 26650, contained within a magnetic cover and removable for charging if you don’t wish to utilize the USB power port, not recommended for quick charging. Operate in stealth function if you’re a shy vaper.

6. Pioneee4You iPV5 200W TC

The iPV5 offers 200W or 572F in a modest-sized box powered by a Yihi chip. Pioneer4You selected an ergonomic shape that’s comfortable to hold, light when you’re carrying it around, and powerful in use. Select between 10 watts and 200 watts or choose a temperature and let the chipset adjust wattage. For those who understand Joules, there is also a range of 10J to 120J. Operate at 0.05 or 0.15 minimum resistance depending on your mode, the lower figure supported in TC setting only.

7. Laisimo S3 200W TC

Here’s another lesser known name which, like Wismec, is climbing up the charts. Their S3 200W TC device is good looking and well made with the ability to handle 0.05 resistance from Ni200, Titanium, or stainless steel at up to 662F. You’ll require two batteries, sold separately, which means recharging is a breeze. Just swap old cells for freshly charged ones and keep vaping with minimal interruption. The OLED screen rotates to accommodate left-handed vapers and different vaping positions.

8. Wismec Reuleaux RX200

Here’s the formidable upstart again: Wismec, with their Reuleaux RX200 featuring a design by Jay Bo. The triple-cell used to power their 200W mod is held within a triangular shape that’s easy to hold, so different from the boxier 200W styles. A magnetic battery door lets you remove the cell, however, and replace it with a charged one if you don’t wish to use the USB charging method. Wismec joined forces with Joye to give you Temperate Control supporting all three styles of TC coils inside a compact unit measuring 84 x 40 x 50 mm. The 0.69″ is more than functional; it`s attractive and easy to read as resistance, temperature, watts, voltage, and battery level are all displayed to the vaper.

9. Sigelei T150 Touch Screen TC

There are lots of abbreviations for mod functions, but this one might have to take the cake. You could call it a VW TC TS mod if you were being really picky. This would signify that you can operate the Sigelei T150 in Temperature Control and Variable Watt settings, adjusted via the Touch Screen. The signifier T150 tells you this is a 150W mod too. Vapers are able to lock the screen in order to prevent children from mistaking this for an iPod and changing your settings. Operate coils ranging from 0.1 to 3 ohms and select wattage between 5W and 150W. Use TC mode to set heat at up to 600F. It looks heavy, but an aluminum alloy allows for a durable but light build which is internally protected against reverse polarity, overheating, and short circuit.

10. iPV5 200W TC

Who would have guessed that Pioneer4You would dominate this chart? They make a fine machine and customers love them, so while a list of expert’s favorites might be different, the customers have spoken and they love Pioneer4You. This 200W dual mode box mod contains the Yihi SX330-200 chip to deliver 10W to 200W, 10J to 120J, or 212F to 572F. It’s beautiful, ergonomic, affordable, and modern.

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