Best E-Liquid & Vapor Juice Of 2018

A year ago, the best brands of vape juice were similar to what you see now but familiar favorites are being overtaken. There are many small-batch offerings and what manufacturers refer to as “Premium” e juice. The latter group is usually just a vegetable glycerin-heavy batch, nothing complicated. Most of the top e liquids were made with the best vape mods and sub ohm tanks in mind and these companies make blends, not single flavors (or I have their layered varieties in mind in this list).

Here Are the Top 10 Vape Juice Brands So Far in 2016.

1. NicQuid

Their four lines of e liquids achieve a total of fewer than 50 e liquids, but all of them are done right. NicQuid creates their Bliss, Blast, Burst, and Blends lines (dessert, menthol/mint, fruit, and tobacco) in a regulated facility using only the highest quality ingredients, and they also belong to the AEMSA, so these guys mean to be accountable. That does not stop them from making tasty e liquids though, including some unusual tobacco varieties, authentic fruits, and several exotic “drink” vapes.

2. Five Pawns

They could be number one, but Five Pawns suffers a loss of the top place because they are often sold out and they cost more than most. This is a complex line featuring styles like Castle Long mixing bourbon with coconut, almond, vanilla, and brown sugar only when Five Pawns does their write-up they’re even more specific about the type of bourbon, vanilla, etc. Symmetry Six tastes of rhubarb and strawberries with sugar; nicely sweet and tart. All of the names come from the game of chess.

3. Charlie Noble

This off-shoot of another established juice line got its start in Maryland. In 2014, they introduced vapers across the United States to the notion that good e juice can be affordable. Their line includes Reserve e liquids, a sub ohm range, but their entire list is high in VG. Soller’s Point tobacco creates a unique blend of banana, caramel, and vanilla that’s seas apart from RY4. Poseidon’s Punch is a refreshing citrus blend. Charlie Noble e liquids follow the same pattern as Vaporfi, Five Pawns, and others here, being made in the USA to strict standards. Like all of the brands above, Charlie Noble also offers numerous flavors.

4. Vaporfi Reserve

There are two lists based on a PG/VG ratio of 40/60 and 30/70: Reserve and Grand Reserve flavors, several of them winners with Spinfuel. A 30-ml bottle costs $21.99. Catch Ya Latte is an espresso style; Pineapple Pow surprises with hints of Hibiscus plus pineapple and melon, Hawaiian style. Close your eyes and you could be sipping cherry cola with every puff of Black Velvet. Like NicQuid, Vaporfi’s reputation for sticking to high standards of quality control is solid. They also offer custom e juice blending at $15.99 per 30 ml, but those are 70/30 or 50/50 e juices suitable for most clearomizer coils, not just sub ohm varieties for RBA’s attached to adjustable VW and TC mods.

5. Halo V-Juice

A handful of these e liquids recently won awards from Spinfuel magazine. They are all versions of Halo vapor juices you already know, but the VG has been ramped up. Malibu is like a tropical cocktail with menthol. Prime 15 tastes like tobacco with nuts and a forthright flavor. Belgian Cocoa is dark and rich with notes of cocoa and chocolate, semi-sweet rather than sickly and overbearing. Halo follows regulations to the letter in order to provide customers with hygienically made products and professional bottling standards, but they don’t charge extra for being careful and methodical.

6. The Steam Factory

A husband and wife team started this train rolling three years ago and now their flavors are well-known by a discerning public. They researched, tested, and blended until the pair resolved on a number of original blends you just didn’t find anywhere else at the time, although copycats get to work quickly. One type favors the person who can’t decide if he wants a real dessert or healthy fruit: what about both? Larry tastes like berries and ice cream inside two sugar cookies, like an ice cream sandwich. Kizmet is a cocktail of pear and apple, so nice together in real life and just as juicy-tasting here.

7. Ben Jonson’s Awesome Sauce

It looks like Ben Jonson has changed their bottling style and got rid of that nostalgic poster, replacing it with a teal-green color which is mighty appealing and sure to stick out on the shelf. DIY vapers were encouraged to make a business out of their passion just 4 years ago and they now make some of the most highly-regarded e liquids in a jam-packed list of possibilities. Snickelfritz, one of their top flavors, mashes together kiwi, peach, and watermelon; an original style. Schooner recalls lemon-flavored angel food cake with a sweet glaze.

8. Epiclouds

The makers of Namber E Juice, Nick and Amber, bring you a series of sub ohm blends from their marital headquarters. Oasis Mist is a tropical blend; Mom’s Pineapple Cake is based on one of the family’s favorite desserts, the way mom makes it; and Caramelized Banana is what it sounds like.

9. Virgin Vapors

Award winners from this US company include unusual floral blends like Bed of Roses, showing off the floral without perfume in an organic, 100% VG format. Likewise, Hummingbird Fuel contains organic VG but combines floral notes with honey. Try a tank cracker called Lemon Rosewater, just as it sounds but crisp and more refreshing than you might imagine.

10. The Schwartz

Makers of this yogurt-based line take their cue from Mel Brooks’ Space Balls. You don’t need to see the movie to appreciate Comb the Dessert featuring yogurt with peanut butter and hazelnuts. You’re not missing any of the flavors in The Downside with Greek yogurt and blueberries if you don’t watch the film. All I’m saying is that to watch the movie is to laugh every time you see a bottle labelled “Ludicrous Speed.” The Schwartz gets their specific yogurt styles just right in flavor and texture.

Best E-Liquid & Vapor Juice Of 2018
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