Best Sub Ohm Tanks Of 2018

Heading into the hot days of summer you want to know your sub ohm tank can take the pressure. It’s not the weather you have in mind, however, but heat from a top brand of vape mod. What sort of rebuildable beast can stand up to 50, 100, or even 200W? What about 600F? Here are the top 5 sub ohm tanks as far as we’re concerned, the first not yet released, but we have high hopes for anything that Joyetech creates.

Here are the best sub-ohm tanks for 2016 for creating tons of tasty vapor and big clouds. It can be overwhelming surfing through all the information out there now, for one because of the overwhelming amount of products constantly being released, along with the fact that they almost seem to be obsolete by the time they hit the store shelves, as the new latest model comes out right after.

The Top Sub Ohm Tanks

We have included here some of the older versions of products, as sometimes companies just get it right the first time around, and we make sure to stay in the loop with the latest releases and hope to help you find the perfect sub-ohm tank for your needs.

1. Aspire Cleito

Aspire Cleito Tank Colors

This is a pretty recently released tank from the very solid manufacturer Aspire Cigs. This is the tank you want if you want massive vapor, and superb taste.

2. Joyetech Ultimo

ULTIMO Atomizers

This new ceramic RBA offers consumers the option of utilizing pre-built coils or an RTA deck. The two options supplied are 0.5 ohms and 0.25 ohms, ceramic or Clapton, plus anything you want on the deck.

Joyetech employs a new style of airflow which draws air in through the center. Their 4 e liquid inlets also help to ensure that vapor production is top-notch. Fill to the 4 ml mark from the top and get ready for clean clouds from Joye.

3. GeekVape Eagle

GeekVape goes from strength to strength. Their coils for the popular Eagle are unlike anything else: Hand Built (HBC) pre-built coils such as Notchcoil and Clapton styles which can be re-wicked and cleaned. The Eagle is large, holding 6 ml and spanning 25 mm.

Airflow is directed through the top and bottom of the tank so you really increase the openness of your draw. The contact pin is gold plated for durability and excellent conductivity. Refill from the top, of course, and puff through an insulated drip tip. Pre-built coils include a 0.2-ohm option.

4. SMOK TFV8 Sub Ohm Tank

Stainless TFV8

The TFV8 ramps up vaping options for SMOK fans with octuple coils besides several other options. Their airflow system utilizes two big slots to optimize performance. The big insulated mouthpiece protects your mouth but also amplifies vapor production.

A large rebuild deck (18 mm) comes with a pre-built, 0.28-ohm Clapton coil. A width of 24.5 mm reduces what could have been a tall profile when you consider the generous (6 ml) top-filling tank capacity. SMOK worked on their refill slot too, so it’s easier than ever to add more e liquid.

5. Uwell Crown

Uwell Crown Stainless

Uwell’s updated Crown provides a large quartz tube ready to hold 5 ml of e juice. The width (24 mm) prevents this from being a super tall tank when consumers are seeking compact compatibility. Version 2 of the Uwell Crown uses a locking screw in order to stop e juice from leaking out of the filling area at the top.

Airflow is adjustable, thanks to a dual ring at the bottom. Their new Parallel coil plus the conical connector are said to enhance airflow, and customers must agree as this is one of the most popular sub ohm tanks around. A 0.8-ohm Kanthal head can be purchased separately, but Uwell provides 0.25-ohm SS316 and 0.5-ohm coil heads for high watts or temperatures and lower resistance (that is, for thicker clouds).

6. Innokin iSub V

Innokin ISubV-Vortex Stainless

I surprised even myself coming to this conclusion, but the Innokin iSub V or Vortex rebuildable sub ohm tank is too popular and affordable to ignore. It’s the cheapest one on this list, but that doesn’t mean the iSub V is “cheap.”

Vapers will enjoy excellent vapor production and flavor when they pair this 3-ml tank with their mid-level vape mods. Two SS316 BVC 0.5-ohm coil heads come with the set and there are other options too. Refilling is easy: head straight to the top, as usual with the most recent sub ohm tanks. Remove parts for total cleaning.

The tank is made from glass while stainless steel top and bottom caps come in several colors. Try sporty blue or red as an alternative to silver, white, or black. The Delrin-insulated mouthpiece is always black, always protective of your sensitive skin, and wide to release big clouds.

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